Global Transport Company

Domestic and International freight shipping

Global Transport Company is a logistics and brokerage services provider is on the market since 2017. It has established itself as a responsible and reliable transportation partner, freight broker, and employer during this time. We know perfectly well that organizing freight shipping is a challenging task requiring special logistics skills, knowledge, and capabilities. Nevertheless, high-quality cargo transportation services are in great demand all over the world today. That is why we focus on the human force, the best fleet, and fair prices in Global Transport Company.

Cargo transportation is our leading service, which we provide. Therefore, there are only professionals in their fieldwork in our staff. As a result, our company offers logistics and brokerage services on the most favorable terms on the market.

In addition to cargo transportation services, we offer profitable cooperation for owner-operators or independent truck drivers: 

  • Plate and permit packages, 
  • Excellent fluent discounts,
  • No brokerage fees, 
  • No unpaid detention miles, 
  • Beneficial truck leasing. 

You choose the type of cargo, and you choose the best route. We provide opportunities for you.