Safety & Compliance

How to keep drivers, vehicles and cargo safe and protected?

Before your carriers can travel on the roads, you need to fulfill safety & compliance requirements, according to the Federal US Laws.

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While safety and compliance are necessary for smooth business operations, we understand that it can easily slip from your hands. Whether you are a trucking company or running a carrier for hire business, you should ensure that your fleet and drivers fulfill the compliance standards to avoid any legal complications later on.

The federal standards of safety & compliance are continually evolving and may also differ across different states. That is why you should stay updated with the changes in these regulations and compliance standards. You should also know which safety and compliance standards apply to your trucking business. It is not an easy task to stay updated and keep track of all the standards, which is where we can help.

Make Your Safety and Compliance Quick and Easy with GLOBAL Transport Company

GLOBAL Transport Company offers a complete range of safety and compliance services to make the process quicker, easier and more efficient for you. Our company ensures that you pass all the safety audits related to compliance with the drug and alcohol testing standards and transportation compliance requirements. With our safety and compliance services, both employers and business owners are assured that their fleet is operating safely on the roads.

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Unified carrier registration
  • Motor carrier/BOC3
  • Driver qualification files
  • More services…

Learn how Global Transport Company can benefit your Trucking Business


Achieve safety and compliance for your drivers and fleet quickly and easily! Our Team has the knowledge and expertise to help you in all your compliance needs. We have a complete information on the latest laws, regulations, and safety standards and provide that knowledge to you to assure your business complies with all relevant standards and continues to operate smoothly interstate and intrastate.


Our company provides complete transparency throughout the process. We provide complete information at every step regarding your safety and compliance needs so that you never wonder that we are selling you any unnecessary services.


With our advanced knowledge of the standards, we can offer you solutions customized to your safety and compliance requirements. When you work with us, you need not to worry about whether your carrier and truck fleet and drivers are in compliance and updated or not.


Violation of safety and compliance standards not only costs you large sums of money, but also damages your business reputation and results in loss of customers. As experts in the field, we assure that all your documents are complete and fulfill the safety & compliance requirements. This speeds up the process and prevents rejection from the authorities. Working with us means that you have peace of mind and satisfaction that your business is secure and safe at all times.